Alumni 2023

Karola Obermüller

The jury of the International Hanns Eisler Scholarship has selected Karola Obermüller as the next scholarship holder from the numerous applications. She will live and work in Leipzig for five months from May 2023. At the award ceremony for the scholarship on 5 October 2022 in the Gewandhaus, her composition "Nichts Fettes. Nichts Süßes" for four instruments.


Last Scholarship

Alumni 2022

Klaus Ospald

Scholarship Holder may-october 2022
World premiere of "Entlegene Felder II“ (Leipziger Fassung) 10.05.2022


Alumni 2021

Patricia Martínez

Scholarship Holder 2021
world premiere of „Hoy no muero“ 10.13.2021


Alumni 2020

Johanna Ruotsalainen

Scholarship Holder April – September 2020
World premiere of “The Weight of Silence” on 10.07.2020


Alumni 2019

Gregor Forbes

Scholarship Holder April 2019 – October 2019 

World premiere of “Dissonance of Emancipation” 10.16.2019